Bereavement Project Update 12/09/14

Hello Internet!

Below you will find a video update for our most recent build of Bereavement.

Additionally, the following is the change log for this merge:
-Changed Game Over scene to include credits (Anthony Turtenwald & Mario Love)
-Fixed persistent Gfx.WaitForPresent spike in inspector by removing shadows/optimizing lighting (Steve Chepp)
-Optimized overall CPU and GPU Usage stats in inspector (Steve Chepp)
-Added asset Character_PlayerCharacter_InsanityAttack.ogg (Jacob Dering)
-Added assets for Animation_EnemyMechaMike_Attack (Darrin Alston Jr.)
-Added assets for Animation_EnemyMechaMike_Idle (Darrin Alston Jr.)
-Changed Character_PlayerCharacter_PlayHealth.cs so player health resets back to 0 after transitioning to the reaper scene (Eric Oshefsky)
-Changed General_Systems_CombatSystem.cs to delay Start() for functional script load order (Eric Oshefsky)
-Changed General_Systems_CombatSystem.cs so the player enters reaper scene in insanity (Tsimcha Lor)
-Changed General_Systems_EnemyHealth.cs so if reaper hp >50 transitions to unhooded (Tsimcha Lor)
-Added Enviroment_Systems_SceneTransRoom1Battle/Room2/Room3.cs so enemies can't be fought more than once in the same game (Eric Oshefsky)
-Changed Character_Systems_CombatPlayer.cs so player health is static with each scene transition (Josh Albers & Eric Oshefsky)
-Changed Character_PlayerCharacter_InsanityMeter.cs so the insanity bar acts as the health bar, changes with damage dealt (Eric Oshefsky)
-Changed Character_PlayerCharacter_PlayHealth.cs by removing numbered health bar and creating public variable for health (Eric Oshefsky)
-Changed General_Systems_CombatSystems.cs, General_Systems_CombatPlayer.cs to handle player starting at empty bar instead of full (Eric Oshefsky)
-Changed Character_PlayerCharacter_BattleGUI.cs so unable to spam "Special" attack button (Eric Oshefsky)
-Changed battle GUI so "Attack" and "Special" buttons don't disappear after use (Eric Oshefsky)
-Changed Character_PlayerCharacter_BattleGUI.cs so unable to spam the "attack" button (Eric Oshefsky)
-Changed General_Systems_CombatEnemies/Player.cs so there is no longer a dodge chance (Eric Oshefsky)
-Populated level 3 corridor (Anthony Turtenwald)
-Populated level 3 room 1 (Anthony Turtenwald)
-Added music to battle 1 scene (Anthony Turtenwald)
-Added music to battle 2 scene (Anthony Turtenwald)
-Added music to battle 3 scene (Anthony Turtenwald)
-Added music to reaper battle scene (Anthony Turtenwald)
-Added music to teddy bear battle scenc and pitch to 1.4 (Anthony Turtenwald)


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