Bereavement Project Update 10/21/14

Hello Internet!

Below you will find a video update for our most recent build of Bereavement.

Additionally, the following is the change log for this merge:

-Changed Insanity script to Character_PlayerCharacter_Insanity (Tsimcha Lor)
-Reset ExtraFloorPiece on second floor and re-applied the wood texture to it (Tsimcha Lor)
-Added textures, Player_PlayerCharacter_PlayerHealth1 and Player_PlayerCharacter_PlayerHealth2 (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created script Character_PlayerCharacter_PlayerHealth script (Tsimcha Lor)
-Edit 2 menu buttons to BattleGUI (Tsimcha Lor)
-Added Health GUI into Combat Testing scene (Tsimcha Lor)
-Imported updated MainCharacter_Combat_Idle to combat testing scene (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created updated Character_Battle_Idle animation (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created Enemy folder in Prefabs/Team Made/Enemy (Tsimcha Lor)
-Changed background scale to 40x20. This changes texture on background in combat (Darrin Alston Jr.)
-Known Issue: Parameter "AnimState" does not exist - Is not an Error!  We need an animation to access it.


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