Bereavement Project Update 10/18/2014

Hello Internet!

Below you will find a video update for our most recent build of Bereavement.

Additionally, the following is the change log for this merge:

-Moved character and objects down to the first floor (Tsimcha Lor)
-Imported asset Environment_Prop_DoorBlock1 (Tsimcha Lor)
-Changed Environment_Prop_FireAlarm to 200 Pixels a Unit (Tsimcha Lor)
-Changed Environment_Prop_Bed1 scale from 2 to 1.5. (Tsimcha Lor)
-Moved raw assets items from Prefab/Team Made to Raw/ Team Made (Tsimcha Lor)
-Fixed Door.cs  Deleted the variable state calling another variable (Tsimcha Lor)
-Converted all raw items into prefabs (Tsimcha Lor)
-Altered main camera in Combat Testing scene to Perspective (Tsimcha Lor)
-Altered main camera in Combat Testing scene to Field of View 55 (Tsimcha Lor)
-Expanded BattleGUI script (Tsimcha Lor)
-Changed Player Speed to 2 (Tsimcha Lor)
-Changed Player Max Velocity: X = 2.5, Y = 1 (Tsimcha Lor)
-Added NPC in CombatTesting (Tsimcha Lor)
-Changed Player Attack Distance to 2.5 to reach enemy (Tsimcha Lor)
-Converted Environment_Prop_FireAlarm into prefab (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created Environment_Prop_TV1 asset (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created Environment_Prop_TVStatic1 asset (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created Environment_Prop_Couch1 asset (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created Environment_Prop_Drawer1 asset (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created Elevator from 1st floor to 2nd floor (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created Environment_Prop_HorizontalPipeSansCrank asset (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created Environment_Prop_HorizontalPipeWithCrank asset (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created Environment_Prop_PipeCombo asset (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created Environment_Prop_VerticalPipeSansCrank asset (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created Environment_Prop_VerticalPipeWithCrank asset (Tsimcha Lor)
-Imported third party script, MovingPlatform.cs (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created Environment_Prop_Mirror1 asset (Tsimcha Lor)
-Changed Player's tag to Player (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created Insanity script prototype (Tsimcha Lor)
-Changed Brick texture to be darker (Tsimcha Lor)
-Added Sprite Renderer to Environment_Prop_AshtrayTrash asset (Tsimcha Lor)
-Fixed naming conventions (Steve Chepp)


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