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CSG-115 Nursing Simulator Episode 0.1.0001a: The Beautification Debugging.

A long time ago, in a week just a few days ago....
We find our team, engaged in an epic bug squashing session.
Anyway, we worked on a lot of changes for the nursing simulator. The video below shows our current build and goes into detail on what changes were made.

Below is the full change log. I started putting the people who made each change next to each entry in the change log and the day on which each build version was compiled.

414 Interactive Studios change log

Version 0.0.0001a (02/25/14)
    -tweaked WSAD sensitivity (Shea kampschroer)
    -tweaked mouse sensitivity (Shea kampschroer)
    -added collision detection to patient bed (Shea kampschroer)
    -added collision detection to simulation room door (Shea kampschroer)

Version 0.1.0001a (03/18/14)
    -added crosshair GUI item (Anthony Turtenwald)
    -fixed clipping issue where player would fall through the floor (Steve Chepp)
    -fixed camera clipping plane issue (Steve Chepp)
    -added box collider to corner cart (Steve Chepp)

CSG-110 Placeholder Hoooooooo

Good Afternoon internet!

So, These two weeks we have a fun assignment. Our goal is to have a placeholder box for our game that we will use in any future presentations this semester. It must contain all the pertinent information (game description, images, partner info, title, etc...) and be professionally printed. Anyway, I have two main tasks I need to accomplish for this. The first being a elevator pitch, short game description overview and a catch phrase to sell the idea of the game. The other is I took it upon myself to create a partial placeholder level so we can put some screen caps up on the back side of the box. The following is a short video within the Unity 3D Editor to showcase what I have so far. Remember, this is ONLY a placeholder partial level for presentation purposes.

I may end up making a second partial placeholder map with a completely different tile set/theme if I have time just to showcase some variety, but that will only happen if the time is available. 
Until next t…

CSG-110 The cut!

Last night we had our 7th vidcon for Newbie Games.... and we actually had EVERYONE online.... but only for about 5 min or so (as always, I will post a link at the bottom to the vidcon AND as always, the vidcon is very much NSFW). Then we were back down to the core group. We also underwent some major changes within our team hierarchy. Most notably being, we dropped two more people from the group and I am no longer team leader. It was felt by the instructor that my team was becoming TOO  reliant on me as leader and that I was coddling them too much. Fair enough. There were certain people in the group that I repetitively gave the benefit of the doubt despite the facts presented to me. So, not my good friend Vett is the team lead. Also, my second in command stepped down due to failure to complete tasks in a timely manner. So, needless to say, everything is completely restructured. There is a detailed outline of the new team hierarchy on our facebo…

CSG-115 The first 414 I.S. patch

So here is a quick video showing off some of our first changes to the nursing simulator build making it the first official build for 414 Interactive Studios (i.e. v0.0.0001a). Check it out.

414 Interactive Studios change log
Version 0.0.0001a (02/25/14) -tweaked WSAD sensitivity -tweaked mouse sensitivity -added collision detection to patient bed -added collision detection to simulation room door

Just as a side note, we have a facebook page up and running. I will post a link at the bottom to the page.

 Facebook page: link

CSG-115 The hand-off

So here is the final build from the last team for our final project. As of right now it is very rudimentary, but as explained in the video, what they accomplished in their time frame is fairly impressive. Anyway, onward to the video.....

Have a great day internet....

CSG-110 The wisest of words from a level ∞ game developer

Good day internet!!!
So I just wanted to share this with everyone. This GCD talk is, in my opinion, one of the most quintessential presentations ever given for the game development industry. I believe that everyone, both in the industry, but especially studying to be in the industry should watch it, take to heart AND put into practice the concepts discussed in this presentation. I personally make a point of watching it at least once (usually many more times) every month. I hope you enjoy....

Have a great day internet,

CSG-110 super-uber(dacity)-bupery specialness

I found this funny. Check it out.

CSG -115 A structure for a file!

So, I am going to try and do more video blogs (actually vlogs) on here more often for ease of use... So, without further adieu, here is my first one. This is an overview of my file structure for my CSG production class. I am the build master for this team, so I am tasked with the monotonous task of making sure our build stays clean, pure and structured. Good times....

CSG-110 What a dev should not do

This is just a supplimentry post to voice what I believe a developer should not do. A while ago I pre-ordered Titanfall on PC. Well, today EA and Respawn opened up pre-loading for the game when it releases on March 11th 2014. Well, much to my surprise, this is what came up when I attempted to install the pre-load....

49.99 gigs for a preload! Really Respawn, REALLY?!?

This is completely ridiculous!
Now granted, my total HDD capacity on my machine is 1tb, but I do not have almost 50 gb to dedicate just to one game. I expect this out of a major MMO or something along that line, but for a simple competitive multiplayer game? Again, I ask, really Respawn? REALLY?!?

This is just my opinion, but this is something that should not happen in the industry. At least not until the average HDD capacity is 2tb or more. From a production standpoint, this just seems like they did not even try to optimize the build for a more compressed size. 

Now, it should be noted that I have not played the full game ye…

CSG-110 The Udacity conundrum continued...

Good afternoon interwebs!!!

So, today has been pretty much just Udacity training so far... and I'm killing it on the test sections. Following are some screen caps of my successful (and easy) quiz answers.... But first, the man, the myth, the legend.... Mr. Steve Blanks!!!!

Here are just some of my answers (they are just so easy)...

 Ok, so, the above photo is kind of a joke, but honestly, this is the easiest passing quiz I have ever taken!

Finally, last post I talked about the 2nd survey my team and I sent out to target a specific demographic, and posted a screen cap of the survey and a link. So far we have about 18 responses and the data is yielding some interesting data. The following is screen cap of our initial metric data for it.

Anyway, I will be posting again tonight after my teams weekly vidcon so until then, have a great day!

CSG -115 A nurses failing

Good morning interwebs!
So, I got my hands on last semesters build of the Nursing simulator that my team will be working on, loaded up the cardiac arrest event, and my person died.
I loaded it up again, and my guy died.
Good times.
Anyway, needless to say, this is a rough pre pre alpha build... But here are some screen caps anyway...

Pretty much it is just a room with the patient. The goal is to eventually have a bevy of medical emergencies for the nurse to put the patient through.
The client has stated that she would like the project to be an ongoing project indefinitely, so as of now, we are not completely sure what our part of it will be, but so far we have added some collision detections to the bed and door and a few other small tweaks. But until we actually meet the client for a in person simulation, we will not know exactly what we will have to do.

Anyway, see you all next time

CSG-110 Vidcon 4 and the Udacity conundrum...

Good evening interweb!
Another warm and sunny day in Milwaukee, WI! …. Oh, wait.... I mean another cold and windy day..... Anyway, yesterday my team and I had our fourth vidcon and we really did not have that much serious to talk about honestly. As always, I will put a link to the vidcon in the bottom, and as always, it is NSFW. We made a couple of decisions, first and foremost being being we narrowed the two initial platform release options to PC and mobile. We also chose the targeted initial age group which will be 10-13. There were some other housekeeping things we took care of, but all and all it was a meeting. 

I also got a few lesson plans into Udacity. Down below are some screen shots from that. It is pretty cool stuff, and I suggest it for anyone looking to get into the business. 

Today, I also finished our final version of our second version of the target survey. Here is a screen shot of it, but I will also post a link at the bottom to fill out. It would be very helpful for any…