Bereavement Project Update 11/11/14

Hello Internet!

Below you will find a video update for our most recent build of Bereavement.

Additionally, the following is the change log for this merge:

-Added asset Enviroment_Systems_SceneTrans.cs (Eric Oshefsky)
-Changed Level 1 Room 2 to accept Enviroment_Systems_SceneTrans (Steve Chepp)
-Changed Level 1 Room 3 to accept Enviroment_Systems_SceneTrans (Steve Chepp)
-Added asset Deeper Into Madness_level1_bossbattle.ogg (Everett "Vett" Jones)
-Added asset Character_PlayerCharacter_ActiveInsanity.ogg (Everett "Vett" Jones)
-Added asset Environment_Background_8bitlevel1.ogg (Everett "Vett" Jones)
-Added asset Environment_Background_DeeperIntoMadness.ogg (Everett "Vett" Jones)
-Added asset Environment_Background_MeetTheReaper4.ogg (Everett "Vett" Jones)
-Added asset Environment_Background_TitleSong.ogg (Everett "Vett" Jones)


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