Bereavement Project Update 11/01/14

Hello Internet!

We have baseline combat!!!

Below you will find a video update for our most recent build of Bereavement.

Additionally, the following is the change log for this merge:

-Change BattleGUI script to allow for custom user input (Tsimcha Lor)
-Imported Character_Sound_LeftStep (Tsimcha Lor)
-Imported Character_Sound_RightStep (Tsimcha Lor)
-Added footstep audio to Character_PlayerCharacter_Move.cs (Tsimcha Lor)
-Apartment rescale (Tsimcha Lor)
-Removed all Pipelines (Tsimcha Lor)
-Removed DoorBlocks (Tsimcha Lor)
-Changed Linear Drag in Rigidbody 2D to 3 (Tsimcha Lor)
-CombatTesting scene rescaled (Tsimcha Lor)
-Changed Player and enemy naming conventions (Tsimcha Lor)
-PlayerHealth script updated (Tsimcha Lor)
-Changed MainCharacter_Combat_Idle1 sprites to Chracter_Combat_Idle1 sprites (Tsimcha Lor)
-Created General_System_CombatEnemy.cs (Josh Albers, Eric Oshefsky, Tsimcha Lor)
-Created General_System_CombatSystem.cs (Josh Albers, Eric Oshefsky, Tsimcha Lor)
-Created General_System_CombatRoller.cs (Josh Albers, Eric Oshefsky, Tsimcha Lor)
-Created General_System_CombatPlayer.cs (Josh Albers, Eric Oshefsky, Tsimcha Lor)


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