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Sprint 1 White Box

We are in Sprint 1 for Bereavement!!!!
The following video showcases our sprint 1 white box, to which we will be adding content on a regular basis.

Technical Requirement Document

The following is a video of the technical requirements document for our team that I made.

In case anyone wants to use mine as a reference or sample, you can click HERE to download and use mine as a sample.

Bereavement Orthographic Perspective

Hello everyone,
Just a quick video as promised in the last one, here is just a showcase of the Bereavement from the Orthographic Perspective. This one is nothing too fancy, just wanted to keep my promise to show off this version of the build.

First Whit Box

Hello Everyone!!

We officially have our first white box, as showcased in the video below. For those of you who do not know, a white box is the digital space where you test any new addition to the game digitally prior to adding it to the official level(s). It is very rough, as is every white box, but since it is only for a testing constraint, that is to be expected.

Choosing the right tool...

Hello internet,

Choosing the right tools for the job is important in any situation, however, in game development it can mean the difference between success and failure. In this video I talk about some of the issues we were having with a general misunderstanding of the importance of solid, optimized and modular level design tools and the issues that can crop up if you do not follow this principle.

At the time of writing this post, we have chosen to utilize the Unity API, Prototype: developed by ProCore. Their website can be found HERE and as well as in the Unity Asset Store.
I will make a point of doing a video to showcase the power of this tool at a later date.
It should be noted that this API allows Unity to have some of the advanced functionality with primitives that is native to Unreal Engine 4. It is a must for any serious Unity Developer.

Bereavement Social Media is UP!

Hello everyone!!

The Social Media sites for Bereavement are officially up!! I set up IndieDB and the YouTube Channel, but I will list all of the sites after the video...

Company Facebook
Project Facebook

Nyds Army V1

Good afternoon everyone,

New semester, new fun for all!!!

I am going to be talking about my Advanced Design class in this video. I go into more detail in this video, but the general overview is that we will be making a Warhammer 40K mod and (with some luck and good design) will be pitching it to Games Workshop as an official Codex to be introduced into the 40K universe. That being said, the first three weeks will be playtesting the vanilla game so those unfamiliar with the mechanics can produce informed work on this mod. My team mate and I chose the Tyranids since we have both played the game before and are a little more advanced players then everyone else in the class.

As promised, go HERE to see the PDF of our first Nyds Army

Note: This PDF was created using the software suite Army Builder by Lone Wolf Development.

New Semester, New projects!

Hello everyone, just a quick video and showcase for the new semester/project we are working on.

Morrowind MDA analysis v1

Hello Everyone and happy Fall to you all,

I would like to share with everyone some stuff that I have been working on in one of my classes. In this class we were presented with the paper "MDA: A Formal Approach to Game Design and Game Research" and given the basics of what the MDA analysis actually is. I went beyond and did even more research into this and found it very helpful for future projects. For those who do not know, the MDA (Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics) Analysis is a paper that was published by Robin Hunicke, Marc LeBlanc, Robert Zubek, in which they present the first truly objective process for analyzing whether a game is "good" or not. There have been refinements to this over the years, but the core principles remain the same. Over the course of the next three videos for this class, I will explain each core principle and show how it applies to each project I have done for this class. The project was to pick a game and analyze it from the MDA perspect…

Bereavement Unity Project Structure

Hello internet,

Today starts my new set of blog posts for the Fall 2014 semester. Starting today I will be posting about my Architecture and Design collaborate classes. In these two classes the same team will be working together to be making a game with the goal of shipping a vertical slice at the end of the semester. The game we are making is called Bereavement. It will be a narrative driven pixel art side-scrolling adventure game. I will get into more detail on the specifics as we go forward with the semester, but for now we are in Sprint 0 (i.e. the planning phase), so there is not a lot of work to be shown. For this task, my primary role will be as Build Master. Today I will be showing off a basic video that shows the Project file structure within the Unity 3D Editor.