Independent Contractor Review

As the year comes to an end, we will be making our final pushes for the school year. Some people will part ways and some wont. However, in the spirit of a functional company, we will be doing a review on everyone individually.
As such, I have made a fairly encompassing and succinct review form to optimize the process.
Its important to note on this one, that it has fillable sections that are not viewable on the iframe, so to really understand what I did, please download the PDF and play with the fillable areas.

IndieDB Game Page

I finally got things sorted out with the awesome team over at IndieDB and our page for our game is live. There were a bunch of things I needed to add to the page that, for a number of reasons I was not able to get in the amount of time given, and as such, the page was deactivated.  However, the IndieDB team was very helpful and understanding and we were able to get the page live.  The first public, pre-alpha release is up on there now and the second one will be coming in the next weeks. 
You can check out the site HERE

Who We Are

As we continue to gain steam and appear more and more in the public eye, it became more and more of a necessity to have a document that everyone could see that tells everyone who MBS is and what we are about in a clear and concise manner.
This gave birth to the "Who We Are" document.

Actor/Likeness Consent

Given that we have been bringing on people who are not developers for support roles such as voice acting and public appearances, it became apparent to me that we would need a separate actor contract.
Below you will find this exact contract, complete with bonus entitlement.

IP Ownership Assignment

I drafted up an Intellectual Property Assignment contract back at the beginning of Capstone due to the game idea that was voted on, not being my idea. Given that this is a true company, the need for the ownership and control of the IP to be under the company, and not a contractor was paramount. Below you will find my IP ownership assignment that transfers ownership and rights of the game to the company.

We have company Polo's!!!

The company polo's arrived in the mail today! Now starts the long and arduous process of invoicing, money collecting and distribution.

Indie DB Profile

I have also begun work on an Indie DB profile for us (See below).

Like the Angels List and F6S profiles, it is also currently in draft mode, but when it goes live, I will update this post to include the link and finished images. 
What is Indie DB?  Indie DB is a community of independent developers and fans of independent games in which we are able to directly communicate with fans and players. It allows us to show off work very early, establish a solid feedback loop, showcase early builds and so much more. For an independent developer it is a must!