CSG-115 Nursing Sumulator v010002a

Here are the newest build for the nursing simulator. The video below explains in detail what changes were made in this build. Hint hint.... Technical improvements galore.

Below is the full change log.

414 Interactive Studios change log

Version 0.0.0001a (02/25/14)
    -Tweaked WSAD sensitivity (Shea kampschroer)
    -Tweaked mouse sensitivity (Shea kampschroer)
    -Added collision detection to patient bed (Shea kampschroer)
    -Added collision detection to simulation room door (Shea kampschroer)

Version 0.1.0001a (03/18/14)
    -Added crosshair GUI item (Anthony Turtenwald)
    -Fixed clipping issue where player would fall through the floor (Steve Chepp)
    -Fixed camera clipping plane issue (Steve Chepp)
    -Added box collider to corner cart (Steve Chepp)
    -Fixed sliding effect after releasing movement controls (Steve Chepp)
    -Re-skinned room walls (Eric Hosler)
    -Re-skinned door (Eric Hosler)
    -Added corner desk, computer and chair (Eric Hosler)
    -Moved corner cabinet (Eric Hosler)
    -Re-sized dry erase board to make writing more legible (Eric Hosler)
    -Fixed camera culling issues (Steve Chepp)

Version 0.1.0002a (03/29/14)
    -Added texture to computer desk (Anthony Turtenwald & Vett Jones)
    -Added texture to computer chair (Anthony Turtenwald & Vett Jones)
    -Added highlight script to some interactive set pieces (Anthony Turtenwald & Vett Jones)
    -Added script to handle removing of native mouse cursor when activated in monodeveloper (Steve Chepp)
    -Finished adding highlight script to interactive set piece (Steve Chepp)
    -Added placeholder interaction text to all highlighted objects (Steve Chepp)
    -Restructured unity editor build hierarchy to be less cluttered (Steve Chepp)


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