CSG-110 Scrumm master round 2

Good afternoon Internet!!!

So, in the last entry you saw me failing horribly at being SCRUMM Master. Good times! This next sequence of videos was the second round of this session. I apologize ahead of time, but my camera died a portion of the way through recording this session, so you do not get to see it through to completion.

Anyway, that was kind of the jist of what happened. I did learn a lot from this process however. Most importantly, I got a hands on, high stress, feel for how the whole process works... and how it falls apart and rapidly deteriorates if you do not have complete synergy. Another thing I learned was how the burn-up and burn-down charts work. I think I still have further to go with that, but I understood it much more after this session, then before, just reading and learning about it second hand.
Anyway, Hope you guys are still enjoying and see you all next time.


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