CSG-115 Before and after

This is a video showcasing the build that was handed off to us and our final product. This is meant to be a quick view of our progress. Hope you enjoy....

Below is the change log:

414 Interactive Studios change log

Version 0.0.0001a (02/25/14)
    -Tweaked WSAD sensitivity (Shea Kampschroerampschroer)
    -Tweaked mouse sensitivity (Shea Kampschroer)
    -Added collision detection to patient bed (Shea Kampschroer)
    -Added collision detection to simulation room door (Shea Kampschroer)

Version 0.1.0001a (03/18/14)
    -Added crosshair GUI item (Anthony Turtenwald)
    -Fixed clipping issue where player would fall through the floor (Steve Chepp)
    -Fixed camera clipping plane issue (Steve Chepp)
    -Added box collider to corner cart (Steve Chepp)
    -Fixed sliding effect after releasing movement controls (Steve Chepp)
    -Re-skinned room walls (Eric Hosler)
    -Re-skinned door (Eric Hosler)
    -Added corner desk, computer and chair (Eric Hosler)
    -Moved corner cabinet (Eric Hosler)
    -Re-sized dry erase board to make writing more legible (Eric Hosler)
    -Fixed camera culling issues (Steve Chepp)

Version 0.1.0002a (03/29/14)
    -Added texture to computer desk (Anthony Turtenwald & Vett Jones)
    -Added texture to computer chair (Anthony Turtenwald & Vett Jones)
    -Added highlight script to some interactive set pieces (Anthony Turtenwald & Vett Jones)
    -Added script to handle removing of native mouse cursor when activated in monodeveloper (Steve Chepp)
    -Finished adding highlight script to interactive set piece (Steve Chepp)
    -Added placeholder interaction text to all highlighted objects (Steve Chepp)
    -Restructured unity editor build hierarchy to be less cluttered (Steve Chepp)

Version 0.1.0003a (03/30/14)
    -Resized/enlarged entire cardiac arrest scene (Ian Peterson)
    -Modified/improved lighting effects (Ian Peterson)
    -Improved exterior terrain (Ian Peterson)
Version 0.1.0004a (04/01/14)
    -Fixed infinitely recurring crosshair script and call light missing component errors (Steve Chepp)

Version 0.1.0005a (04/12/14)
    -Added sink/hand washing station to scene (Anthony Herbert)
    -Fixed multiple bugs within the build (Steve Chepp)
    -added placeholder medication cabinet GUI as a seperate scene (Shea Kampschroer)

Version 0.1.0006a (4/22/14)
    -Added custom door handle prefab to build assets (Matt Fields)
    -Added 6 assorted medicine bottle prefabs to build assets (Ethan Pawinski)
    -Changed box collider to mesh collider on hand washing station  (Steve Chepp)
    -Added object highlight script and use dialogue to hand washing station (Steve Chepp)
    -Updated start menu background to reflect new build (Steve Chepp)
Version 0.1.0007a (4/29/14)
    -Moved hand washing station in scene (Shea kampschroer)
    -Added game highlight script to phone and med cabinet keyboard (Steve Chepp)
    -Removed box colliders from all objects and replaced them with mesh colliders (Steve Chepp)
    -Added pickup script to "crosshair mouse follow script" (currently testable on the hospitalCart object(Anthony Turtenwald))
    -Added skinned keyboard FBX to the build and scene (Steve Chepp)
    -Added initial interaction GUI script (currently testable on hospitalBed object (Ian Peterson))

Version 0.1.0008a (5/6/2014)
    -added scale to scene (Jestus Buford)
    -updated credits to reflect current team (Steve Chepp)
    -updated start menu to reflect new scene (Steve Chepp)
    -added highlight scrpit to scale (Steve Chepp)

Version 0.1.0009a (05/08/2014)
    -fixed interaction GUI script so GUI only initiates when player presses "q" on an intractable highlighted game object (Ian Peterson)
    -removed start menu song due to copyright issues (Steve Chepp)
    -pulled out 1 drawer in the medicine cabinet and placed unskinned medication bottle in it for showcasing (Steve Chepp)
    -unified advanced interaction script for optimization purposes (Steve Chepp)
    -added placeholder color to the scale (Steve Chepp)
    -altered pop up prompts for game object highlight to better reflect the final product (Steve Chepp)

Version 0.2.0000a (05/13/2014)
    -mothership logo on computer screen (Anthony Turtenwald)
    -dialogue system error fixed (Steve Chepp)
    -glove box interaction pop up dialogue fixed (Eric Oshefsky)
Knows issues:
    -pickup script is not working on the medication bottle
    -advanced interaction script not calling on lower end computers
    -placeholder text still on each instance of drawer on medication cabinet for showcase purposes

    -mechanic to freeze the scene when in the GUI interaction screen
    -medication names and functions added
    -Final patient model to be fully rigged and usable in the scene


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