CSG -115 A nurses failing

Good morning interwebs!
So, I got my hands on last semesters build of the Nursing simulator that my team will be working on, loaded up the cardiac arrest event, and my person died.
I loaded it up again, and my guy died.
Good times.
Anyway, needless to say, this is a rough pre pre alpha build... But here are some screen caps anyway...

Pretty much it is just a room with the patient. The goal is to eventually have a bevy of medical emergencies for the nurse to put the patient through.
The client has stated that she would like the project to be an ongoing project indefinitely, so as of now, we are not completely sure what our part of it will be, but so far we have added some collision detections to the bed and door and a few other small tweaks. But until we actually meet the client for a in person simulation, we will not know exactly what we will have to do.

Anyway, see you all next time


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