CSG-110 Vidcon 4 and the Udacity conundrum...

Good evening interweb!
Another warm and sunny day in Milwaukee, WI! …. Oh, wait.... I mean another cold and windy day..... Anyway, yesterday my team and I had our fourth vidcon and we really did not have that much serious to talk about honestly. As always, I will put a link to the vidcon in the bottom, and as always, it is NSFW. We made a couple of decisions, first and foremost being being we narrowed the two initial platform release options to PC and mobile. We also chose the targeted initial age group which will be 10-13. There were some other housekeeping things we took care of, but all and all it was a meeting. 
I also got a few lesson plans into Udacity. Down below are some screen shots from that. It is pretty cool stuff, and I suggest it for anyone looking to get into the business. 

Today, I also finished our final version of our second version of the target survey. Here is a screen shot of it, but I will also post a link at the bottom to fill out. It would be very helpful for anyone who reads this to fill it out. 

That's pretty much all I have for today, See you all next time.....

Vidcon Link: Here
Udacity Link: Here
Survey Link: Here


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