CSG-110 The cut!

Last night we had our 7th vidcon for Newbie Games.... and we actually had EVERYONE online.... but only for about 5 min or so (as always, I will post a link at the bottom to the vidcon AND as always, the vidcon is very much NSFW). Then we were back down to the core group. We also underwent some major changes within our team hierarchy. Most notably being, we dropped two more people from the group and I am no longer team leader. It was felt by the instructor that my team was becoming TOO  reliant on me as leader and that I was coddling them too much. Fair enough. There were certain people in the group that I repetitively gave the benefit of the doubt despite the facts presented to me. So, not my good friend Vett is the team lead. Also, my second in command stepped down due to failure to complete tasks in a timely manner. So, needless to say, everything is completely restructured. There is a detailed outline of the new team hierarchy on our facebook page if you would like to see it (link at the bottom).
That's all I have for everyone for now.
Have a great day interwebs!

Link to vidcon: Here
Link to Facebook page: Here


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