CSG-110 Placeholder Hoooooooo

Good Afternoon internet!

So, These two weeks we have a fun assignment. Our goal is to have a placeholder box for our game that we will use in any future presentations this semester. It must contain all the pertinent information (game description, images, partner info, title, etc...) and be professionally printed. Anyway, I have two main tasks I need to accomplish for this. The first being a elevator pitch, short game description overview and a catch phrase to sell the idea of the game. The other is I took it upon myself to create a partial placeholder level so we can put some screen caps up on the back side of the box. The following is a short video within the Unity 3D Editor to showcase what I have so far. Remember, this is ONLY a placeholder partial level for presentation purposes.

I may end up making a second partial placeholder map with a completely different tile set/theme if I have time just to showcase some variety, but that will only happen if the time is available. 
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