CSG-110 The Udacity conundrum continued...

Good afternoon interwebs!!!

So, today has been pretty much just Udacity training so far... and I'm killing it on the test sections. Following are some screen caps of my successful (and easy) quiz answers.... But first, the man, the myth, the legend.... Mr. Steve Blanks!!!!

Here are just some of my answers (they are just so easy)...

 Ok, so, the above photo is kind of a joke, but honestly, this is the easiest passing quiz I have ever taken!

Finally, last post I talked about the 2nd survey my team and I sent out to target a specific demographic, and posted a screen cap of the survey and a link. So far we have about 18 responses and the data is yielding some interesting data. The following is screen cap of our initial metric data for it.

Anyway, I will be posting again tonight after my teams weekly vidcon so until then, have a great day!


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