CSG-110 What a dev should not do

This is just a supplimentry post to voice what I believe a developer should not do. A while ago I pre-ordered Titanfall on PC. Well, today EA and Respawn opened up pre-loading for the game when it releases on March 11th 2014. Well, much to my surprise, this is what came up when I attempted to install the pre-load....

49.99 gigs for a preload! Really Respawn, REALLY?!?

This is completely ridiculous!
Now granted, my total HDD capacity on my machine is 1tb, but I do not have almost 50 gb to dedicate just to one game. I expect this out of a major MMO or something along that line, but for a simple competitive multiplayer game? Again, I ask, really Respawn? REALLY?!?

This is just my opinion, but this is something that should not happen in the industry. At least not until the average HDD capacity is 2tb or more. From a production standpoint, this just seems like they did not even try to optimize the build for a more compressed size. 

Now, it should be noted that I have not played the full game yet. The beta, yes, but not the full game, so there may be an absurd amount of content in the game at launch, which in that case, I would argue that it is deserving of such a large size build, but at this point, I believe that they should have taken more time to optimize. 

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