The following turn of events is a chronicle. A chronicle of, of a tale of a story of an adventure.....

An adventure in game development!

It all started in January of 2014. Our protagonist, Steve, awakes from a deep slumber. Having only had about 5 hours of sleep, level 20 sandman appears. Sandman attacks with special "hit snooze button" attack. Steve must make a constitution check. Steve fails and takes 30 sleep damage. 15 minutes later.... Our protagonist, Steve, awakes from a deep slumber. Steve uses potion of Ito En Crispy Apple Black Tea. Steve bypasses level 20 Sandman and progresses to shower.
As you may have guesses, this blog will be a chronicle of my game development education at Milwaukee Area Technical College. I will attempt to make this as entertaining as possible and hopefully you will all enjoy it and maybe even learn something.


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