CSG-110 Vidcon 3, The good, the bad and the funny....

Last night my team and I had our third video conference call, which was generally a success. We covered a lot of information and had some good laughs. I will attach a link with the conference call in mp3 format, however, be aware that it is NSFW due to profanity and suggestive conversational themes. The main topics of conversation were our teams facebook page and a survey to collect pertinent data to our business model canvas, created by myself and my COO, Chris Rich.
We had some laughs, but also had to talk about some more serious items. One of our team members has accrued 2 reprimand accruals and if this trend continues, the need to cut him from the team may be present.
All and all it was a productive team conference.
Also, at the time of writing this, less than 24 hours since I finished creating the teams facebook page, we have 11 likes/followers and the survey has 16 responses since going live at approximately 1400 hours (2:00pm) today. Pretty good start.

Link to the survey is: Here
Link to our facebook page is: Here
Link to our vidcon is: Here


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