This post will recap my first few weeks of CSG intro 110. The first 10 minutes of the first day of class were amazing. The instructor was the kind of no bull shit instructor I have been wanting the whole time I have been enrolled at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Furthermore, he is also one of the most knowledgeable instructors in his field that I have seen to date. I am very much looking forward to this class.
We were split up into two teams in this class. The goal of the teams is by the end of the semester we need to have created a game development company, create a new Intellectual Property and account for a year of development in both profits and losses. The winning team will be the team with the most profitable game.
I was chosen as the team leader/CEO of the company. There are a few team members who have blown me away with their willingness to learn and contribute, but some that are not. Time will tell if this will lead to cutting people or not. Hopefully not.
We voted on an Intellectual Property (IP), which failed the vetting process, and as a result, my original IP was chosen. Yay, even more work for me. So far my team has been good for the most part, but there have been hiccups.


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