CSG 115, A humble beginning....

Oh, Lerpz, how I hate you....

This post will be a recap of my first few weeks of CSG Production 115.
Essentially, we had to do a game creation tutorial in Unity. The tutorial was Lerpz. It was a pain in the ass. Honestly, up until the last few steps it was fun. I had some bugs, but nothing that wasn’t fixable. Then I hit a brick wall. The final portion of the game has a section where you need to touch your space ship and a script goes into effect that allows you to essentially “get into” the ship and take off. The issues was that the collision detection was not acknowledging me touching the ship and as a result, not kicking into the final cinematic of the ship taking off. Unity was of little help with the error detection since I am a beginner when it comes to programming. I searched the code for hours, searched the object setting for even more hours, finally it came down to having to rewrite all the code in the program from scratch since I could not figure out the error. Anyway, after an excruciatingly painful 5 hour (or so) code rewrite, the collision detection on the ship worked fine and I was left with a few minor bugs since I had no time left to polish. In case anyone is interested, the following is my final bug list and an attachment for my final build.

Known issues/Bug log
-robot audio randomly plays
-ambient audio set too low
-punch audio will not play 100% of the time
-clipping issue with one robot
-robotExplosion animation will not load
-pickup audio will not play



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