Nyds Army V1

Good afternoon everyone,

New semester, new fun for all!!!

I am going to be talking about my Advanced Design class in this video. I go into more detail in this video, but the general overview is that we will be making a Warhammer 40K mod and (with some luck and good design) will be pitching it to Games Workshop as an official Codex to be introduced into the 40K universe. That being said, the first three weeks will be playtesting the vanilla game so those unfamiliar with the mechanics can produce informed work on this mod. My team mate and I chose the Tyranids since we have both played the game before and are a little more advanced players then everyone else in the class.

As promised, go HERE to see the PDF of our first Nyds Army

Note: This PDF was created using the software suite Army Builder by Lone Wolf Development.


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